our camps are full for 2018

To be placed on the waitlist please email Caroline and include your child’s name, grade in fall, phone number and which camp you’d like: caroline@portlanddramaclub.org

July 9 – 21
for kids entering 3rd – 8th grades in the fall of 2018


August 6 – 17
for kids entering 1st – 5th grades in the fall of 2018

What: Portland Drama Club Two Week Musical Theatre Summer Camp! We will produce a 30 AND a 60 minute version of a Broadway musical complete with costumes, sets and lights!

Who: all kids ages 6 – 14 (your child must have had at least one year in full day school before tackling our camp) Alice in Wonderland: entering 3rd to 8th and Aladdin: entering 1st to 5th grade

Where: St. David of Wales: 2800 SE Harrison St
(Portland Drama Club is not affiliated with any religion. We just rent out the fantastic space at St. David’s.)

When: Alice: July (M – F 8:30 – 4:30) and Aladdin: August (M – F 8:30 – 3:30 w/after care available)

How much: Aladdin Kids: $550 for two weeks; Alice in Wonderland Jr: $600 for two weeks

15% sibling discount (full price for first student and 15% off additional siblings)

ABOUT CAMP: (please also see our FAQ page)
What to bring to camp:
Kids should bring a lunch and extra snacks. We will break around 10:15, noon and 2:15 each day for water and food.
They should wear play clothes that are easy to move in- please no flip flops. If your daughters wears skirts, please have them wear shorts underneath. We want them rolling, jumping, lying down and leaping freely!
We will occasionally take things outdoors. If you typically put sunscreen on your child, please apply this ahead of time in the morning. We can not apply sunscreen.

Casting: For summer camp we announce casting on day two. Typically the larger roles will go to the older kids and the ensemble roles will go to the younger kids. Of course there are occasional exceptions. Sometimes it depends on the show we do or the individual kids we have attending camp. Some kids are eager for a large role and some kids would like to be a supporting member. I prefer to cast a child who is responsible, considerate and mature (for their age) in a demanding role as opposed to the kid with the best jazz hands who may not be the best team player. We want all kids set up for success. We want them to feel comfortable and finish the camp feeling proud and having had a fun time. Since we have been at this for quite some time both as teachers and directors but also as actors ourselves, we ask that you respect our final decision. Your child will have a better time with your full support.

Costumes: Costumes are covered in the cost of tuition. There may be a small item or type of shoe requested, however. If it is a financial burden for you it is not mandatory. You will be notified at the end of week one if there is anything you need to provide for your child so there is time to get it over the weekend. We know you are busy parents and will keep this as easy of a process as possible.

Tickets: Our production is a registered show we’ve rented from Music Theatre International. As such they charge us for the use of their property as well as for each show performed. Parents and immediate family are invited to attend our full tech rehearsal in the afternoon and then we will have a public show in the evening. We will ask for donations to our public show instead of a ticket price.

Volunteers: It is hard to get this show up and running without the help from parents on show day! We will ask for a few available parents to help with dinner prep (calling for pizza, setting out veggies, fruit, plates, napkins, etc) and make up and hair. Don’t worry – no theatre experience necessary! Being a parent is experience! 🙂 We have also had wrap parties in the past, but are usually parent led as the staff is very busy with outer duties. If you’d like to be in charge of a wrap party (which can be as simple as cupcakes and high-fiving after the show) please let Caroline know!

*A rough breakdown of the two weeks: 

All musical theater. All the time. The focus of our camp is to produce an actual show. Even though our show has been reduced to 30 minutes from the full Broadway production, it requires organization, concentration and cooperation from everyone involved. While we will always play games, play outside, and have time for other fun throughout each day, we will need to get cracking on hard work to make it a musical we are proud to show off. If your children are not yet used to a full day of school or are not that interested in musical theatre it may not be the thing for them. It is important to note, though, that theatre is not only for the outgoing kid! Theatre is for EVERYONE and shy kids often find their voice on stage. I have seen miraculous things happen when a child really wants to be a part of something! All are welcome. Your kids will learn that fun is achieved through a little hardwork, sweat and lots of laughter.

It is my hope that as we grow we can offer more opportunities like costume and prop building during our camp hours. Right now, these details generally get taken care of with adult staff outside of camp hours.

Week One

Day 1: team building games, show review, music, music, music

Day 2: casting announced, intro to characters, story and staging, games

Day 3: dance and music, games

Day 4: dance + blocking/staging begins, games

Day 5: blocking/staging, games

Week Two

Day 6: dance and song review, games

Day 7: blocking/staging, additional dance if needed and games

Day 8: blocking staging with props, games

Day 9: blocking staging with props/sets, games

Day10:dress/tech rehearsals, pizza party, performances (this day is long- approximately 8:30am – 8pm!

You must register your child before camp starts so we can get you the necessary materials ahead of time and place them on our roster. We deal primarily via email. Please make sure caroline@portlanddramaclub.com is not going to a spam folder.



Seussical Summer Camp 2017
So proud of these 28 kids and their hard work this summer. What a success!

ArdenIsabelMae CastFun CastFun2 Cat in the Hat Kangaroos Seussical Cast Photo Thing2HortonJungle Citizens whisperMr and Mrs MayorJojo's FishNotice Me HortonMayzie Gives the EggGertrudeHortonEggWickershamsThing 1 2 CatHortonsWhosMayor


Our inaugural summer was a great success! Check out a few pictures of our performance below.