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We offer a 15% sibling discount (that’s full price for first child and 15% off of full price for each additional child). Please email to receive your personal code to use at checkout:

If you would prefer to mail us a check, please send the following information to Portland Drama Club:
Parent Name, Student Name, Student grade, Parent Phone Number(s), Parent Email(s)
Portland Drama Club, 4207 SE Woodstock Blvd #307, Portland OR 97206

REFUND POLICY: After School Programs: Please understand we can offer no refunds after our shows are cast (that is the 3rd week in a semester program and the 6th week in our year round program). If you decide to remove your child from class before casting has taken place you will get a refund minus the classes your child has participated in (at $16 per class) and a $50 administration fee. Though very rare, we do reserve the right to remove any child from class if he or she is a danger to other classmates or interferes in the enjoyment or learning process of our cast as a whole. In which case, you will be issued a refund minus the classes taken and $50 administration fee). Summer Programs: (this may be revised for the 2018 summer sessions) We offer a full refund up to two weeks before camp starts (minus a $15 pay pal fee) . After that we can offer a full refund minus $65 for a pay pal/admin fee up to the first day of camp. No refunds once camp starts.


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