We can’t wait to get started!

This note contains LOTS of important information!  Please read! (if you’re already registered, the message below went home in an email via our Mailchimp server, but not many have read it – I might be going to spam! please check!)


every Monday for 1st – 3rd graders  (Sept 11 – Dec 11 w/ a show on Dec 11; 2:30 – 5:pm in the cafeteria
every Thursday for 4th and 5th graders (Sept 7 – Dec 14 w/ a show on Dec 15; 2:30 – 5pm in the library and cafeteriaSign Out: You or a designated adult/guardian must sign your child out after class each week. Please do not instruct your child to go to the front of school or walk home alone. If you give permission for your child to walk home I must speak with you in person and have a written/emailed statement saying so. If there are people who absolutely may not pick up your child or there is an important situation I should be aware of please let me know before our first day.
Please let us know if your child will not be in class. You can email or text Caroline at 213-675-4732 to let us know. Putting on a successful show in such a short amount of time depends on full participation. Your child’s regular participation is important!
Social Media/Photos/Permission: We will take photos and videos throughout the year (especially at show time). Unless you email me to tell me NOT to post/use photos of your child, your child may be featured online or in our future brochures. I will never post names of kids without parental permission. I do not tag parents on social media either, but you may do so if you happen to see your child on our facebook page!
Director: Caroline
Assistant: Mayah
K – 1 Teacher and vocal assistant: McKinley
Choreographer: TBD (we hope Julia again!)
(you can read about us )
Medical Conditions: You checked a box for safety and medical services permission when you registered your child. If your child has any severe allergies, however, I would appreciate an email letting me know so I can get this down on our roster for all staff. Please feel free to send me an email or call me if there is anything you need to inform me about your child- medical/social/personal that you feel I may need to know to better protect and teach your child.

We are really looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new faces! Willy Wonka is a fantastic show filled with crazy characters and catchy tunes.
It’s gonna be a great year!


Woodstock Elementary School presents Willy Wonka Kids!

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination!”

Explore, rehearse and perform in a 30-minute version of Willy Wonka complete with costumes and sets! Students will not only learn what it takes to put on a professional show, but will boost their confidence and learn the importance of being a team player in a theater setting through fun games, exercises and techniques the pros use. No audition necessary. Please be aware the purpose of this class is putting on a show. All kids 1st – 5th grade will be asked to work hard to memorize lines, songs and dances for the performance. While not mandatory, we do recommend that 1st graders who have never taken a theater class or performed in a show before take the Theatre Fun course first.

MONDAYS: 2:30 – 5pm in the “cafetorium”
September 11, 2017 – December 11, 2017 (show at 6:30pm)
grades 1 – 3

THURSDAYS: 2:30 -5pm in the library and “cafetorium”
September 7, 2017 – December 14, 2017 (w/our show on Dec 15)
grade 4 and 5

TOTAL: $325 (includes costumes, sets, props and script)

We can not offer refunds if you choose to take your child out of the class after casting is complete: after October 2nd. After September 1st, we refund minus a $50 admin fee, once class has started we will also deduct classes taken at $16 per class)
Though very rare, we reserve the right to remove a child if they are affecting the quality of class for the rest of the cast. In this case, a refund can be issued but will be handled on an individual basis. 

A limited # of partial scholarships may be available thanks to our wonderful PTA! Please email Mr. Kosmas pkosmas@pps.net

15% sibling discount (full price for the first child and 15% off any additional children) You’ll need a personal discount code at check out for the sibling discount or scholarship. please email Caroline: caroline@portlanddramaclub.org

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (please read carefully to choose the correct class)

Additional Info:

Getting to class: I will provide the office with my roster of kids. Your child’s teacher will bring him or her to the gym after school at 2:15 where I will pick them up and bring them to the cafeteria to start class. At Check Out here on the site, please include your child’s name, grade and (pm) teacher in the notes section (if early registration, we realize you may not have this info yet). Thanks!
Also see additional info below to read about how class works or check out our FAQs page.
Pick up will always be in the cafeteria – you must sign your child out before they leave.

Snack: Please pack an extra snack in your child’s lunch/backpack on Mondays. We will have a short break after school so the kids can have a snack, go to the bathroom and ready themselves for fun. It’s a long way to 5pm! Thank you!

Class Time: Class starts with a fun theatre game warm up to get everyone energized and working as a team. We teach a little vocal technique to get our voices going and move right into learning the show. Music the first few weeks, then dances, then scenes and VOILA we have a show! We move fast! With the limited time we have to learn all of the songs and scenes your child’s presence in class is important. Of course, there may be times when he or she is not as busy as other kids who may be learning a dance or blocking their scenes. We do our best to keep everyone busy, but in the end your child might come home one or two days and tell you they didn’t do much this week – fear not! We work hard to make the experience as balanced as possible. You and your child will be proud at show time! Hard work- and waiting for their turn- pays off! Please see our FAQs page as well.

Emergency/Media Forms: I have two forms that must be filled out and turned in to me. You can print them, fill out, scan and email or bring to me on the first day of class. You will receive an email with a link to these forms.

Absences: Since the after school program only meets once a week attendance is very important. Putting on a show is a lot of work for kids and staff and absences create problems when planning what scenes and musical numbers to rehearse. Please remember the end result is a show your kids can be proud of and confident with on stage. If your child misses a great number of rehearsals we reserve the right to recast their role. If you know in advance your child will miss a certain class because of an out of town absence please let us know as it will help us plan. Of course, kids get sick and no one can plan for that, but please do try to plan appointments and play dates for other days of the week. We take theater seriously.

Casting: Typically the larger roles will go to the older kids and the ensemble/chorus roles will go to the younger kids. Younger kids will learn by the older kids’ example.  Of course there are sometimes exceptions. Sometimes it depends on the show we do or the individual kids we have attending class. Some kids are eager for a large role and some kids would like to be a supporting member no matter their age. I prefer to cast a child who is responsible, considerate and mature (for their age) in a demanding role as opposed to the kid with the best jazz hands. We want all kids set up for success. We want them to feel comfortable and finish the show feeling proud and having had a fun time. We start immediately on day one doing assessments to see how kids interact, how willing they are to jump in and whether they want to sing something in a small group or stay quiet. With such a short class time we do move quickly to cast the show and get to practicing our parts within the first 3 weeks! Since we have been at this for quite some time both as teachers and directors but also as actors ourselves, we ask that you respect our final decision. Your child will have a better time with your full support.

Costumes: Costumes are covered in the cost of tuition. There may be a small item or type of shoe requested, however. If it is a financial burden for you please let us know. You will be notified if there is anything you need to provide for your child so there is time to get it before show time. We know you are busy parents and will keep this as easy of a process as possible.

Volunteers: Don’t worry we won’t ask for much, but it helps when we have a few available parents closer to show time to help kids with costumes, props, tickets, etc. Or maybe there is a capable older sibling who wants to help out? We’ll take em! It’s fun! and a little crazy!

Musical Theatre Production SAMPLE SCHEDULE

Please note that the show day is still TBD with the school calendar. We may also do some performances during the school day for the student body that final week- in which case your child will miss part of class. I will notify you well in advance if this is the case.


11: FIRST DAY getting-to-know-you games; song rehearsal

18: learning stage directions, song rehearsal and games

25: Announce Casting + song rehearsal with new roles


2: song rehearsal

9: dance/solo/scene work

16: dance/solo/scene work

23: dance/solo/scene work

30: blocking


6: blocking

13: blocking

20: blocking

27: run through / song and dance review


12/4: Dress rehearsal

12/11: SHOW TIME



AFTER SCHOOL Theatre fun:

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Not ready for the musical or the Talent Show at school? Sign them up for this starter course! (Of course, This class is still beneficial to seasoned 5 – 8 year olds with some shows under their belts. 😉 )
This is the perfect beginner class for kids who think they might be interested in theater or who may simply need a little support when it comes to speaking and expressing themselves to others. Kids will play theater games, learn vocal exercises and create their own scenes to perform for each other! While every class will have tons of opportunities for self-expression and group play, this is a “no pressure zone” where kids are encouraged to speak up and out, but can go at their own pace. We will not have an official performance with costumes or sets and for the comfort of our group we ask that parents not attend class, but parents will be invited to our Parent Peek at the end of our final class where they can see a compilation of what we’ve learned! If you or your child were on the fence about signing up for the musical this fall this class is a great way to see if your child likes the activities!

Theater Fun:  Kindergarten – 1st grade
Fall session 2017 SOLD OUT
Theater Fun:  Kindergarten – 2nd grade
Winter and SPring sessions MAY be offered in 2018 STAY TUNED

Below is a rough outline of what you and your child can expect from our theatre course at Woodstock (our spring session will introduce new games and activities and review those played in the Winter session) 

sample class outline: