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Woodstock Elementary School Program

(offering classes and performance opportunities to kids kindergarten to 5th grade at Woodstock throughout the school year)

Southeast Portland Community Program

(offering year round after school musical theatre performance opportunities to kids in 2nd – 6th grades)

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The benefits of theatre in a child’s life: Where do I begin? Being part of a theatre production helps you become a team player. It teaches you empathy. It expands your world view (exposure to literature, music, other cultures…). It boosts your self-confidence. It shows you the benefits of falling down and getting back up again- sometimes literally. It gives you a voice when you might feel you don’t have one. It’s empowering. It connects you to your body through movement, feelings and sound. It’s exciting, hard work, silly, serious, boring, light, deep, painful, intriguing… I could go on forever.

Casting: Depending on the size of our cast or number of older kids we have, we may split the roles so that more lead role opportunities are available. That means you may see 2 Annies, or 2 Aladdins or 3 kids playing the Music Man. This is a learning environment where kids will build on their knowledge of theater and performance each class. Typically the larger roles will go to the older kids and the ensemble/chorus roles will go to the younger kids. Younger kids will learn by the older kids’ examples and they tend to accept and like this arrangement.  Of course, there are sometimes exceptions. Sometimes it depends on the show we do or the individual kids we have attending class. Some kids are eager for a large role and some kids would like to be a supporting member no matter their age. I prefer to cast a child who is responsible, considerate and mature (for their age) in a demanding role as opposed to the kid with the best jazz hands. While we will encourage each child to step out of his comfort zone, we want all kids set up for success. A child who may not possess the leadership qualities a lead role calls for might be ready next year. We want them to feel comfortable and finish the show feeling proud and having had a fun time. We are most certainly not in the business of creating little stars. Since we have been at this for quite some time both as teachers and directors but also as actors ourselves, we ask that you respect our final decision. Your child will have a better time with your full support.

Absences: Since the after school program only meets once a week (and sometimes longer stretches than that) attendance is very important. Putting on a show is a lot of work for kids and staff and absences create problems when planning what scenes and musical numbers to rehearse. Please remember the end result is a show your kids can be proud of and confident with on stage. If your child misses a great number of rehearsals we reserve the right to recast their role. If you know your child will miss a certain class because of an out of town absence in advance please let us know as it will help us plan. Obviously kids get sick and no one can plan for that, but please do try to plan appointments and play dates for other days of the week. Emailing Caroline in advance is appreciated. If it’s last minute, please text her so we do not go on a wild kid hunt looking for your child.

Sets/Lights/Props: After such hard work, the kids deserve some sets and lights to up the magic factor! Some locations have more restrictions on what we can do than others. Depending on our program and location we will have a technical director who can help the kids experience the technical side of theater. It is our hope to add a prop making aspect to class, but right now this happens behind the scenes and this form of theater magic shows up for the kids to use in the last few weeks of class. Sometimes the kids will have time in class to create a part of their costume, a small hand prop or some personalized invitations to their show. All of these extras are included in the cost of tuition.

Costumes: Costumes are also covered in the cost of tuition. There may be a small item or type of shoe requested, however. If it is a financial burden for you please let us know. You will be notified if there is anything you need to provide for your child so there is time to get it before show time. We know you are busy parents and will keep this as easy of a process as possible. Our hope is to expand the program so we can involve the kids in costume making, but for now this happens behind the scenes.

Tickets: Our production is a registered show we’ve rented from Music Theatre International. As such they charge us for the use of their property as well as for each show performed. In our community program we charge for tickets to our show to help offset the costs of putting on a professional show in a professional, rented space AND to help raise money for the scholarship program for the future. Kids in the show will receive two free tickets (this will be different with each program and depend on the location we use for the performance). In our public school programs so far we have one show only and do not charge for tickets, but we will ask for donations which will go directly back into the scholarship program for theater at that school. It is difficult to get the time and space at public schools to put on a full show with big sets and lighting. These spaces are shared and we need to respect all programs at the school. In the future, we do hope to have a weekend fundraising show where all ticket proceeds will go to the school PTA. We also hope to perform for the student body as we grow. These things will all be tailored to the school and depend on our communication and relationship with the principals/staff/PTA at each school. If you have ideas to help your school please talk to Caroline.

Public School Fundraising and Enrichment: In the past, theater programs Caroline has worked with have brought in thousands of dollars each year for the school to use on anything they need.  They auctioned a camp spot, auctioned reserved front row seats to the shows and made ticket sales donations to the PTA. Because of the popularity of the program they were able to offer more scholarships year after year to kids who would normally not be able to join the program and that is our goal for our SE Portland neighborhood public schools. In addition to monetary donations we hope to also perform for the student body which provides a glimpse into musical theater to some kids who may not normally be exposed to this art form. As an added bonus, watching their peers take the stage is empowering and exciting.