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Portland Drama Club is a new non-profit that seeks to teach Portland’s youth the power in themselves through play, practice and performance.

It is our goal in Portland Drama Club to provide a creative, safe space for children to have fun and gain confidence while learning the skills necessary to perform for an audience. Not only will children learn movement, vocal and acting technique as well as technical aspects of putting on a show, they will learn to work as a team and to form clear points of view. They will learn to encourage others to be silly and feel brave enough to be silly themselves without judgment. While they will absolutely learn to enunciate and speak up they will also become better listeners. They will learn that concentration, hard work and doing your personal best pays off and is fun!

When kids train to put on a show they are learning life skills:
Empathy, Team work, Patience, Listening, Focus, Hard Work, Awareness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal Responsibility, Body Control, Problem Solving…the list goes on!Skills needed for the theater are skills that will carry throughout life.

There are so many wonderful theatre programs to choose from in Portland. Portland Drama Club lets a child learn through performance right from the start. If you join the club you get a part. We learn by doing. Skills needed for the theater are skills that will carry throughout life.

Read about Artistic Director Caroline here.

where Portland Drama Club is going in the future

Caroline would like to continue the work she did with elementary and middle school students in Los Angeles now that she’s here in Portland.Proud of her new non-profit status, she is hoping that that can open up her program to schools and communities who otherwise may not be able to put on a show. It takes time and we’re working on it!

If your school doesn’t have an after-school performance program and you’d like Caroline to work at your school please let her know who to contact and she will try to get the ball rolling. Your school does not need a theater or anything fancy. A show must go on- no matter the locale! and it would! All kids will learn various acting techniques, play theatre games, vocal technique, dance/movement and how to put it all together to create a terrific show for which they can be proud. Please visit our Schools page for more info!

The benefits of theatre in a child’s life: Where to begin? Being part of a theatre production helps you become a team player. It teaches you empathy. It expands your world view (exposure to literature, music, other cultures…). It boosts your self-confidence. It shows you the benefits of falling down and getting back up again- sometimes literally. It gives you a voice when you might feel you don’t have one. It’s empowering. It connects you to your body through movement, feelings and sound. It’s exciting, hard work, silly, serious, boring, light, deep, painful, intriguing… We could go on forever.


“Caroline is personable, fun and immensely talented. My shy daughter really blossomed under her encouragement, and we saw shades of her personality that really surprised us and lit up the stage. I wish Caroline was still in LA! after school program, Parent (4 years)

Caroline is definitely a Wonder Woman. The skills I attained from the six years of being with her are monumental, and have guided me to the person that I am now. I have grown from a shy immature third grader, to an upbeat and confident fifteen year old. I entered high school proud, and when I auditioned for the Fall play, I didn’t have an ounce bit of nerves. I stood on stage, and filled the room with a loud voice, believable facial expressions, and appropriate awareness for the other actors. I was the only freshman. Results were posted the next week, and I saw my name written next to “Nina Gold,” the female lead of the play, The Spelling Bee. There is no question that Caroline’s teaching has lead to this success. The spark that I feel, the purpose that theater gives, is so rewarding.” -after school programs, Student (6 years)

“Caroline is probably one of the greatest theater teachers I will ever have. Throughout the years I did 5 plays with her and they each were a blast to preform. She helped us learn emotion and how to really pull the audience in. She is an amazing teacher and mentor. I have really enjoyed learning from her.” – after school and summer camp, Student (4 years)

Caroline understands children and brings out their very best. She is nurturing, funny, organized and dedicated. She created a supportive, safe atmosphere that allowed my daughters to take risks, grow, and have a lot of fun along the way. We miss her, but are happy that some lucky kids in Portland will get to enjoy her special brand of theatre magic!” –after school and summer camp, Parent (5 years)

“My son participated in four musicals with Caroline in the third and fourth grades, through the drama program at his school and at summer camps.   Caroline made it really fun (she’s a hoot according to Ezekiel), but still had high expectations for a putting on a great show.  The environment she created for the children was very safe – they could take risks without worrying about being embarrassed or doing it wrong.  Any concerns Ezekiel had about singing and dancing in front of many quickly vanished, and his confidence skyrocketed.  We were very sad to see her move to Portland!” after school and summer camps, Parent (2 years)

“I feel extremely grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to know and work with Caroline, who was both an inspiration and a role model.  I have always been deeply impressed by Caroline’s caring, professional way of guiding her students to greatness.  In my daughter’s case, a special talent was sparked and developed. Caroline gave her the life-long gift of discovering and nurturing a passion and also developing self-confidence and a strong self-image.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Caroline’s positive influence during my daughter’s formative years.” -after-school programs, Parent (6 years)

“Caroline brings such enthusiasm and encouragement to all the kids she works with. It was such a delight to see my kids introduced to theatre with such positive energy and nonjudgmental support. Caroline’s passion and her goofy sense of humor was reflected in how she taught the curriculum and in her direction of the shows. Shy kids came out of their shells, children with soft singing voices were taught how to project safely. Younger children and older children worked together to make the best ensemble production together under Caroline’s wing. In short, Caroline is delightful and any kid able to take a theatre class with her or be part of a show she is directing would be very lucky indeed.” –after school and summer camp, Parent (3 years)

“My daughter participated in Caroline’s drama program for six years starting in elementary school.  It was a transformative experience for her!  When she started, my daughter was shy and would hardly speak a word to anyone she didn’t know well.  She had a difficult time participating in class.  Caroline was kind, patient and really encouraged her to grow.
Six years later, not only was she playing and singing leading roles in the drama productions, she was selected to speak at her middle school graduation…to 3000 classmates and their guests!  Caroline’s program was not just fun for my child, it provided discipline and skills that she will use well into adulthood.”-after school program Parent (6 years)

“Caroline was such an important figure in both of my children’s lives. She got them to really love theater. She was so supportive,  inspired them to really commit to their parts, and to take risks. She made the theater program a family, for all of us”. –after school program Parent (5 years)

“Caroline was AWESOME!  She encouraged us to do better and pushed us but was really nice and funny while doing it.” –after school program Student, age 10 (1 year)

“Caroline Timm was a warm, nurturing, funny, talented teacher for my son.  He grew as an actor and got more and more comfortable on stage over the 6 years they worked together.  She was patient and instructive, encouraging and always fun to be around.  She made theater a safe place for these kids to take risks on stage and she always made them feel accepted.  Portland is lucky to have her.  We miss her a lot.” – after school and summer camp Parent and Student (6 years)

“I couldn’t think of a better person to endorse!  Your theatre program brought out charachteristics in Sydney we never knew she had.  I mean “who knew she could sing like she did as JOJO?”  The skills, discipline, CONFIDENCE and love for the theatre you instilled in her will carry her through her life.  I would send her across the country to attend your camp, and if you ever find yourself in OHIO, Bexley sure could benefit from your passion!”-after school programs, Parent 3 years

“Both of my daughters had the opportunity to study with Caroline year round throughout their elementary school years.  Caroline is not only an amazing musical theater teacher, but she is kind, committed, supportive, and a ton of fun!!”-after school and summer camp Parent; (6 years)

“We have been with Caroline for 4 years and the growth and confidence she has developed in my child is priceless. Your kids will come home happy and loved!! She’s a Mom, so she gets kids! She really relates to every type of child, finds their strengths, and gives them the tools to soar, on and off stage. Portland is so lucky to have Caroline!” after school and summer camps, Parent (4 years) 

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